Hi! We’re Edmond Lau and Candace Sauvé (aka Kiki).

We’re a husband and wife duo. And we teach people how to consciously create romantic partnerships where they're committing to support each other's growth, freedom, and fullest expression in the world.

We’re deeply committed to truth. That means being dedicated to living honestly as we evolve together and discover new truths about ourselves — in the micro-moments and especially when it's hard.

Since becoming partners in 2019, we’ve navigated challenging chapters — working through sexual attraction to others, monogamy vs. polyamory, joint finances and prenuptial agreements, power dynamics, triggers, anger, shame, and more.

Join us as we share the behind-the-scenes stories of how we navigated the challenging chapters of our relationship.

We’ve spent thousands of hours and over a hundred thousand dollars learning relational and emotional skills to navigate tension.

We’ve trained together in modalities like neuro-linguistic programming, emotional resolution, sacred sexuality, and the Art of Accomplishment.

And we’ve even built a world-class team of relational coaches to guide us along the way.

Since day one, we’ve been workshopping how to intentionally build and sustain an awakened and loving partnership — with the support of friends and community — to get to the level of trust that we now have in each other.

Magic and Its Challenges

Our commitment to truth has certainly brought adventure and magic into our journey together.

We fell in love at our first dance — Edmond weaving through a hundred people on the San Francisco ecstatic dance floor in pursuit of the beautiful goddess he’d agreed to meet for her birthday. The rest of the world faded away as we danced, flowed, laughed, twirled, gazed, touched, and kissed.

Just four months later, he proposed (and she said yes!).

We traveled the world nomadically for almost two years — everywhere from Bali, to Costa Rica, and the Alps of Switzerland.

We trained at the world’s top retreats and centers for tantra, emotional resolution, and neuro-linguistic programming together — and made some beautiful lifelong friendships along the way.

And along with the magic, being this committed to truth has also brought painful challenges.

We’ve fallen into trigger spirals and hurled hurtful words at each other. We’ve spent nights sleeping apart in separate hotel rooms because we were unable to repair. We've shared tense conversations about divorce and what we need from each other to stay married.

And underneath all the triggers, we’ve uncovered an epic love and a strong foundation of trust — a knowing that our relationship is our spiritual journey in this life.

Join us on our journey and learn how to awaken more magic and love in your partnership.

To be on a spiritual journey means that every trigger is an opportunity to love the parts of ourselves and each other that need more acceptance.

It means remembering that it’s because we love each other so much, that disconnection feels so painful when triggers happen.

It means holding that arguments, triggers, and fights don’t mean that anything is wrong — they’re just opportunities to heal wounds in ourselves.

What matters is how skillfully we repair.

What This Newsletter Is About

We’re committed to teaching and sharing what we’ve learned about emotions, communication, rupture and repair, devotion, sexuality, and attraction with the world.

We’re committed to being honest about the joys as well as the hardships that show up in awakened relationship.

And we’ll be using our writing to distill and share what we’ve learned, at scale.

Join Awakened Partnership and learn life-changing mindsets and powerful tools for awakening deeper connection and freedom in your intimate relationships.

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A husband-and-wife duo teaching emotional and relational tools to awaken deep connection and freedom in partnership.


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